Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nice documentary film for you

Reindeer Spotting – popularly dubbed ‘The Train Spotting of Santaland’ – is now the highest grossing Finnish documentary of all time. Released in Finnish cinemas, it had already 51,000 admissions in five weeks.
The documentary, which follows the lives of a group of petty criminal drug addicts in the Lapland capital, looks set to go worldwide with the world rights having been recently bought up by the Australian company ‘Autlook.’
Reindeer Spotting tells the story of a group of drifting young men at the beginning of this decade. In particular it focuses on ‘Jani’, a drug addict who manages to make his way from Rovaniemi to Paris, Barcelona and even Morocco. Jani explains that Rovaniemi is ‘just the kind of place you want to escape from. If you’ve always lived in Rovaniemi . . . Fuck.’ With graphic content, the film is rated 18.
According to the movie review site ‘Twitch’ ‘The trailer is pretty uncomfortable stuff, shot by someone who was pretty clearly involved in the scene at the time and therefore given the sort of intimate access that comes from an insider’s position.’
Another reviewer, on IMBD.com, claims that, ‘The footage filmed for this film is absolutely horrifying. Every terrible thing is caught on tape when Jani and the boys start to ‘shoot up’. The film also includes some very explicit footage of how these drugs are used. If you didn’t know how to use heroin . . . before, I’m sure you know after this film.’

Trailer with english subtitles